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Instructions for providing IP addresses to LAPOP

Subscriber must have a fixed IP address or range of IP addresses through which it connects to the internet (individual computers may have dynamic server-assigned addresses as long as they use a gateway with a static address to access the internet). Dial-up access and most home broadband services are not suitable. Ideally Subscriber should have a website/intranet from which there can be a link to the AmericasBarometer data base. Bear in mind that anyone who has access to a computer within the specified range can access the AmericasBarometer.

Once your IP address(es) or IP range(s) are sent to LAPOP, Subscriber access will be set up via IP authentication.

If you would like to send that information at the same time of the ordering, you can include that information in the "Order Comments" section of the checkout cart.

Otherwise, you can email the information in the format to LAPOP team at the email address Existing licenses may also send the updated (or additional) IP information to the email listed above. 



IP addresses/ranges Reporting Requirements 

1. ALL IP address ranges MUST be sent in CIDR format. Address ranges not expressed in CIDR notation will not be added. The only exception to this is for a specific address that does not constitute a range. 


2. NO address ranges will be accepted that do not span the entire range of the fourth octet. The entire fourth octet must be represented in the address range, unless an institution does not have actual ownership of those addresses. As an example, an institution owning the entire range may NOT submit a request for -, expressed in its respective CIDR format.


3. CIDR-formatted addresses must be represented as one address or address range per line.


4. Addresses that can be expressed by a CIDR-formatted range should not be listed individually. These addresses must be represented by a CIDR-formatted address range.